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GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship

Global Schools Foundation - headquartered in Singapore - offers the GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship to deserving candidates as a stepping stone for future growth by providing an unparalleled learning experience at its flagship campus in Queenstown, Singapore.

Instituted in 2008, it offers the best academic and career prospects to meritorious students from around the world. The GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship programme has become a benchmark amongst the finest of its kind.

The "No strings attached" GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship is offered to Class 10 academic toppers from around the world for Junior College CBSE (11th- 12th) or an IB Diploma at GIIS Queenstown Campus in Singapore.

The scholarship amount is $ 90,000* per student which includes a onetime return airfare and visa fee, tuition fee, boarding and lodging at a hostel and pocket allowance per month for daily expenses for the two-year scholarship programme.

About Global Indian International School

Instituted with the mission of providing quality education, Global Indian International School (GIIS) made its humble beginning in 2002. Over the years, as the school widened its presence across Asia, it strengthened its base in Singapore with three sprawling campuses in Queenstown, East Coast and Balestier.

Today, GIIS is recognised for its hallmark initiatives in educational excellence, environment conservation, peace and value-based education, and community integration. Our students receive wide exposure through participation in various school activities and external programmes, providing fruitful opportunities for learning and overall personality development.

Providing an entire spectrum of K-12 education, GIIS offers Indian and international curricula including International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), Cambridge IGCSE, CBSE, and Global Montessori Plus programme..

Academic Excellence

Global Indian International School (GIIS) is renowned for its high academic standards and strong focus on educational excellence. GIIS' benchmarked practices in education and adaptation of the USA-based Malcolm Baldrige excellence standards provide a unique launch pad for entry into leading universities (including Ivy League universities) worldwide.

GIIS has been honoured with prestigious international and national awards over a span of 5 years for achieving excellence in school education. GIIS boasts a strong multicultural learning environment as students of diverse nationalities are enrolled across its campuses.

GIIS has consistently produced exemplary academic results in decisive board examinations. GIIS' curriculum structure and delivery enable students to continually discover, experience and hone their skills in diverse areas, leading to all-round personality development. At GIIS, each child is a winner with qualities which enable him/her to meet the challenges of a global world.

GIIS Queenstown Campus, Singapore offers diverse curricula incorporating a wide range of co-scholastic and co-curricular programmes. With a strong focus on imparting quality education, right from Primary up to Junior College, GIIS Queenstown Campus has sound infrastructure in place to facilitate academic learning, sports and extra-curricular activities.

Career Counselling and University Placements

At GIIS, our in-house career counsellor assists students, in consultation with their parents and teachers, on a range of decisions to support the process of course selection and university choices for higher education. In addition, on campus information sessions, university fairs, and workshops and exhibitions by visiting universities are conducted to supplement career counselling services. The presentations not only help students make informed decisions about their preferred careers, but also help them understand the application and admission process.

A student wanting to pursue further studies in other countries like US, UK, Australia or Canada, would have to appear for the SAT exams which are also conducted in Singapore. The preparatory classes for SAT are conducted in school.

If the student should decide to return to India post Class 12, these students are eligible to appear for all the CETs conducted for various colleges in India and also for Joint-Entrance Exams.

GIIS graduate students have secured offers from leading universities, including Cornell University, Carnegie Mellon University and University of California, Berkeley, in USA; Imperial College, London, University of Edinburgh and King’s College, London, in UK and Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University in Singapore.

Frequently asked questions

  • GIIS and Scholarships

    Who is offering the GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship? 
    GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship is being offered by the Global Schools Foundation, a Singapore-based organisation, for scholars to pursue senior secondary education at its flagship campus in Queenstown, Singapore.

    Global Indian International School (GIIS) - established under the guiding principles of the Global Schools Foundation – is an international network of award-winning institutions, with 20 campuses in 7 countries. Known for their learner-centric and skill-based teaching methodology, GIIS schools offer holistic learning and personality development opportunities for students. Headquartered in Singapore, GIIS offers scholarship to deserving students as a stepping stone for future growth by providing them an unmatched learning experience.

    Why Singapore?
    Global Indian International School – headquartered in Singapore – is the nodal centre that has instituted the scholarship programme. The school's flagship campus at Queenstown in Singapore offers a fruitful leaning environment and has consistently produced exemplary academic results in decisive board examinations.

    What are GIIS’ credentials?
    GIIS schools have been honoured with 34 international and national awards for achieving excellence in school education. GIIS promotes a strong multicultural environment and has students from diverse nationalities enrolled across its campuses . Best  academic achievement & placement  track  record  GIIS is a preferred international school offering five curricula: International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), IGCSE, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), CBSE International (CBSE-i) and Global Montessori Plus programme (GMP).

    Since its inception, the school has focused on providing quality education to students. GIIS schools have adopted the cultural ideology of 'Schools That Learn' that makes each individual at GIIS an equal partner in the process of learning. Nurturing students for the future is one of the key focus areas for GIIS schools, which ensures that adequate opportunity, mentoring and guidance is provided to students to excel in Academics, besides entrepreneurship, leadership, team work and group dynamics.

    For how many years has Global Schools Foundation been offering scholarships?
    Global Schools Foundation has been offering scholarships since its inception in Singapore. Since the last five years, the Foundation has opened up these scholarships for Scholars from India.

    Scholarship is offered for which class and curriculum?
    The scholarship being offered is for senior secondary level; Classes 11 and 12 for both, IB Diploma Programme and CBSE. However, students undertaking any Board in India can apply for the scholarship.

    How many scholarships will be given in 2015?
    The number of scholarships will be decided by the Committee of the Scholarship programme.

    What is the total worth of scholarship and what does it include?
    The scholarship amount is S$ 90,000* per student, which includes tuition fees, boarding, lodging and travel expenses for the two-year scholarship programme.

    What does the scholarship amount include?
    The scholarship amount includes a onetime return airfare & visa fee, tuition fee, and boarding & lodging at the hostel, one-time settling allowance and pocket allowance per month for daily expenses.

    Does GIIS provide students with opportunities for other activities besides academic focus? 
    GIIS offers a holistic learning approach through the Nine Gems model. This a proprietary tool which is an integrated holistic approach to learning, balancing academics and experience, mental and physical development, fine arts and performing arts, language skills and creativity, personality development, ethics and entrepreneurship.

    The model facilitates all round development in every GIIS student, helping them reach their full potential while achieving desired academic laurels. The GIIS Child Learning Tracker enables tracking of each child's progress, not only in academics, but in all aspects of a child's development.

  • Travel, Boarding and Lodging

    Do I need to a have a passport?
    Yes, you need to have a passport with enough blank pages, and it should be valid for at least three (3) years from 15 May 2014.

    Who will manage the visa formalities?
    GIIS will manage all the visa formalities for travel to Singapore.

    Who will pay for the visa fee?
    GIIS will pay for the visa fee.

    Who will pay for the airfare?
    GIIS will pay for a one-way ticket to Singapore at the start of the course/session, and one-way ticket from Singapore at the end of the course.

  • Scholarship selection

    April 2017: Written test

    May 2017: Results of the Written Test and call for interviews to successful candidates only.

    End May/Early June 2017: Interviews

    End June 2017: Final list of students selected for scholarships Please check the website www.giisscholarships.org for regular updates.

    • Board Exam mark sheets to be provided on declaration of results
    • Selected students would be expected to leave for Singapore in end June 2017

    How will successful candidates be intimated?
    Successful candidates will either be intimated through mobile/email/website and not by any other means, including hard copy. Please mention correct email ID and mobile phone no in your application form.

  • Life in Singapore

    Where is the campus located?
    Global Indian International School's main campus is located at Queenstown in Singapore. The address is 1 Mei Chin Road, Singapore 149253. 
    Phone (+65) 6508 3700

    How many students are enrolled at GIIS in Singapore?
    The school has completed over 12 years since its inception in 2002. The school has over 4500 students across its 3 campuses, i.e. Queenstown, East Coast and Balestier.

    Do students need to carry cash?
    Students have a choice to carry with them cash/money as permitted by Singapore Government rules. But it is advisable to carry a minimum of amount S$500 for initial expenses, till the Student Pass is issued by the Singapore Government.

    Do I need to have a medical insurance?
    GIIS will provide subsidised medical benefits for each candidate after the Student Pass is issued. The Medical Insurance will cover basic aliments.

    Will the parents/guardians be allowed to accompany students to Singapore for the first time until they are settled?
    Parents are NOT allowed to accompany the students. GIIS encourages students to mingle with their fellow students. A senior and responsible GIIS staff member will accompany students to Singapore.

    What are the arrangements at the student's hostel?
    Following arrangements are made at the hostel:

    • Hostel has a common room for social activities
    • A lady warden is stationed with female students, 24 hours in the hostel
    • Smart cards and video cameras are there for warden to monitor
    • Video camera is at the gate, where the guard is stationed round-the-clock
    • For washing clothes there is a separate washing and drying machine for boys and girls, who can use it in rotation
    • Hostel rooms do not have an air-conditioner. The climatic conditions of Singapore do not necessitate this requirement. Ceiling fans are installed
    • School library has a rich collection of reference books for purpose of research and studies
    • Each student should carry their own laptop. The hostel is WiFi-enabled, which will allow students to access the internet at their convenience
  • Miscellaneous

    What co- curricular activities are offered at GIIS?
    Click here to see the list of co-curricular activities offered at GIIS.

    What is the flow of stipend and how is it provided?
    The stipend flow is provided to ensure a comfortable stay for the student.

    Can parents send money to their wards?
    Parents can send money to their wards. However, the amount provided is sufficient for students to meet their living expenses.

    Can students visit their relatives?
    Yes, they are allowed visit relatives with the approval from the warden. The warden shall provide and expedite the approval on receiving an email request from the parents of the ward.

    What will the student do during the long vacations? Will they be allowed to come back to India during vacations?
    Usually, students visit India during long vacations.

    Is there any reason because of which the scholarship may be terminated?
    If the student fails to perform on a good score (all-round) after being granted scholarship, a suitable warning will be issued. In case no improvement in the performance is noted, the scholarship may be terminated upon the discretion of the management.

    Can the students undertake part-time work while studying in Singapore?
    No, part-time work is strictly prohibited.

    Please Note:

    • S$ = Singapore Dollars
    • Decision of GIIS Management is final and abiding